2016 So Far…

It’s been a busy few months! I started the month by being on Beauty Day at HSN, which was fun and successful! Then, I flew home for a couple days and was off to Australia where I had great shows, and friends took me new places! Australia is a beautiful country with such a variety of areas! Then, I was home for two days and back to HSN for our first full visit for 2016!

Now, I’m headed to New York for planning my son’s fundraiser. One of this year’s Honoree as well as Linzie Janis, reporter from ABC, will visit Johns Hopkins where we’ll spend time with the doctors that are researching OCD.

The end of the month I’ll be at Personal Care Products Council’s Annual Meeting! I’ll have one full day on International Cosmetic Regulations.

In March, I’ll be off to Italy for CosmoProf and meeting with HSE24 Italy!

It’s been exciting start to a New Year! We appreciate all the love and support from you.  Elysee is quickly becoming a top beloved brand worldwide!

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