A Busy Few Months…

My schedule continues to be very busy! I have already qualified for Diamond next year on Delta Airlines with over 170,000 miles so far this year. I did luck out and got to be home for two weeks the first of October.

August was my 75th Birthday, and I celebrated all month starting at HSN, then my day with my wonderful family, then in Australia and finished with my last celebration in NY with Ginger Zee and Linzie Janis from ABC and Francisco Bilotto, LifeStyle Expert with ABC and NBC.

In September I had major Dental work done in NY with the talented Dr. Michael Galli. I then had to have throat surgery, and it has to be repeated because my throat was in such damaged condition, so my second surgery will be in November when I return from Australia.

From there, I attended the big makeup show, PCPC Executive and Board Meeting, and the Look Good, Feel Better Dream Ball. The Board Meetings and Ball were held while the Pope was in NY as well as the UN! Traffic was a real challenge!! The Dream Ball raised $1.5 million. I have been on the Foundation Board since it was started 25 years ago. Many of Elysee Products have gone through the additional testing so they can be included in the bags given to women recovering from cancer.

Then, in October we’ve recently had our HSN Host Picks, and we’re so excited that you all loved them. We have our last full visit at HSN coming up on Oct 26-27; then I’m off to Australia. My first show in Australia will be the day I arrive so I will have been awake for almost 50 hours – I don’t sleep on a plane. I think I’ll title my first show, “A New Version of the Walking Dead!”  LOL

I also want to alert you to really check out the marketing in products.  There is a high end line that is touting that it’s excited to bring you “Idealift” with all its many benefits. Well, Elysee brought it to you in 2009 and at a more effective level than he uses.  It’s featured in our YouthSpan ™ Facial Resurrection Night Crème.  Then he touts, implying again, that he’s the first, to bring you Progeline. We brought it to you in 2012 in the Perfect Transition Serum and Perfect Transition Crème. I was one of 10 Experts from around the world chosen to pick the most innovative ingredient of the year so I helped pick it. This is just an example of how marketing sucks us in. Elysee is results-driven not marketing-driven. Well, I’m off…

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