A Spectacular Affair…

July was another busy month for me.  I started the month in New York and fulfilled a wish to see the fireworks live! It was an amazing event. I had to go through 4 check points where they went through my purse, and I had to show photo ID and tickets to even get to the Water Club on the East River. We were so close to the fireworks we could feel the vibration!!!

I had additional work done on my knees and my teeth during July. After, I flew home in time for my wonderful grandson’s 18th birthday. It’s hard to believe how fast time has flown by. The next day, I flew to Las Vegas for CosmoProf where we were a Finalist in the City Awards. We were nominated in Members Choice Awards, which was a huge honor, and we placed second.

Then, I came home to prepare for my shows at HSN on July 30-31st!

As I prepare for my “Big #75” birthday, I want to thank all of you for making each year more exciting and rewarding!!! Love and appreciation!

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