Our History

Elysee Scientific Cosmetics was founded on reliable and proven European formulas brought to the United States by Dr. Elizabeth Blumenthal.  Dr. Blumenthal was educated at the finest colleges and universities in Europe.

Elizabeth made her first cosmetic, a hand cream, in 1923, long before she had any thought of making a career in cosmetics.  While doing research in the Department of Serology and Bacteriology in the City Hospital of Stuttgart, she worked with Dr. Lutz, Professor of Hygiene. Doctor Lutz taught her the importance of considering the diagnosis, not only from the analysis, but from the medical angle.  One of their personal “problems” was to find a cream which would counteract the sublimate they were required to work with in their laboratory, which was very hard on their hands.  Elizabeth formulated a cream which proved to be very beneficial to the care of their hands…that was her first cosmetic.

After Elizabeth left Stuttgart, she worked in other laboratories and became an assistant to Dr. Isaac, a diabetic specialist, in Frankfurt.  From there, she went to the PharmaGans therapy.  She worked closely with professors and doctors in many hospitals analyzing blood specimens and administering hormones.  Results of the follow-up convinced her of the future of hormone therapy.

In 1927, Elizabeth opened a medicinal diagnostic institute in Frankfurt under her own name.  In 1938, she decided to quit medical research and devote her entire time and study to the manufacturing of cosmetics.  She moved to Holland and became associated with a dermatologist.  From her training in medical research, she fully realized the importance of first knowing everything possible about the skin in order to create cosmetics to meet the need of each skin type.  She devoted her time to improving the skin scientifically and developed treatments for each individual skin type.  She concluded that just because women spent a lot of money on cosmetics they didn’t necessarily buy what they needed for their skin.

With the advent of Nazi power, Elizabeth was driven from Europe.  Initially, she worked in New York; and in 1940, she moved to San Francisco, where she opened and operated a “Scientific Skin Care Studio.”

Dr. Blumenthal believed an answer could be found in each and every skin problem, and she formulated her cosmetics to encourage natural beauty and not just as a cover-up.  She arrived in this country stating that she could “cure acne” and was told that there was a law against saying ‘cure.’  She changed her term to “Guaranteed Improvement,” and then stated, “I will improve it until it is no more.”

A woman literally years ahead of her time in the United States, Elizabeth introduced Royal Jelly to America and developed new techniques of scientific skin care including the Elysee Skin Therapy machines.  She insisted that only the finest ingredients be used in her formulas, and all Elysee products still meet or exceed the standards established by the U.S.P. or National Pharmacopeia.

During the 1950’s, Dr. Elizabeth Blumenthal was sent by the U.S. Government to Guam and the Philippines to work with our servicemen on their skin problems.  Elizabeth also developed the skin machines for Helena Rubinstein for use in her salons, as well as others.

Upon Madame Blumenthal’s death in February 1965, Elysee Cosmetics Manufacturing Company came into the competent hands of Dr. Emil P. Salvotti and Dr. M. Lucille Most.  In 1971 Tola, Inc. was formed by a dedicated group who felt they couldn’t survive without the Elysee products; therefore, they purchased Elysee Cosmetic Manufacturing Company from Dr. Salvotti and Dr. Most.  The corporation was named after Tola Newman, protégé of Elizabeth Blumenthal.  The Corporation Tola means “To Own Loveliness Always!”

Today, under the leadership of Chairman and Owner, Linda Marshall and her family, the company continues in the spirit and tradition of Dr. Elizabeth Blumenthal and seeks to embody her admonishment, “when love and service work together, expect a masterpiece.”

Elysee has experienced steady growth over the past several years with being featured on HSN (The Home Shopping Network), tSc (The Shopping Channel-Canada), TVSN (TV Shopping Network-Australia), through Salons and Rejuvenation Centers.  Clients are situated across the country with many prominent people in the field of politics and entertainment who are faithful users of Elysee Scientific Cosmetics.