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John Marshall

Born and raised in Wisconsin, John Marshall began his career with Elysee Scientific Cosmetics in 1982. Being a family owned and operated business, John was a part of Elysee even as a child where both he and his brother would regularly frequent the facility and offer their creative input.

After attending the Florida Institute of Technology and obtaining his degree, John returned to the family business and for several years oversaw Distribution Operations and Plant Management. In 1995, he partnered with his brother, James, as Master Chemists in Elysee’s ever expanding Manufacturing Department.

John held the position of V.P. of Research and Development for 14 years, where he was instrumental in our brand’s development and expansion with the successful launch of many innovative products.  He now serves as President of Elysée Scientific Cosmetics as well as Chief Innovation Officer.

Known for utilizing revolutionary ingredients with the most advanced delivery systems, his formulations provide the most effective benefits attainable on the skin. John has a reputation for formulating breakthrough products with advanced technology and is highly regarded among his peers.

John currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin.