Achieve A Glowing Complexion…Regardless of Age!

Glowing, radiant skin is always in season any time of year.   Sometimes trying to figure out a regimen on how to achieve an even skin tone and texture can be complicated, regardless of age. Where to start? What should I use? These are all questions we tend to ask ourselves. Below are some tips on how to get that gorgeous complexion you desire.

Polish: When you have a buildup of dead, keratinized skin, it can cause your complexion to look dull and uneven. Exfoliation will remove that buildup; however, you want to be careful when using harsh manual exfoliators and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs).  Harsh exfoliators shorten telomeres, a part of the DNA structure that shortens as cells replicate; and as they shorten, cells begin to enter a senescence state or a ‘state of being old’ which will cause your skin to look old. Try Elysee’s Almond Meal Facial Scrub, which is great for all skin types. This product is made from 100% natural almonds that are known for their mildness and act to remove dry skin, unclog pores, and clear a muddy complexion. The natural oil in almonds also helps to keep the skin hydrated so this product can be used on a daily basis. Another option is the LuminAcai™ Daily Facial Scrub, a mild gel-crème formulation with Acai and Guarana pulp for a gentle scrubbing action that still effectively removes dirt, makeup, and other impurities from the skin without stripping essential elements from the skin.

Protect: Our skin faces challenges everyday like extreme heat, cold, wind, and the sun as well as internal aggressors like stress, dehydration, and aging in general. Throughout the day, you want to make sure that your skin is protected from environmental and oxidative stress. Preventing these aggressors will help you to look younger and achieve the glow that you desire. Keep in mind that all of our daytime moisturizers contain titanium dioxide or parsol 1789, broad spectrum sun protectants to help protect your skin from the sun. Elysee’s YouthSpan™ Telo-Genesis™ Day Cream takes things a step further with a powerful antioxidant that harnesses UV light to elicit anti-aging benefits on the skin and defend against environment damage. YouthSpan™ Enviro Shield Tinted Veil is like a BB cream and tinted moisturizer packed in one with a punch. This product also harnesses UV light to optimize skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and visibly improve the appearance of skin tone and texture.  This product will also help to protect against the environmental effects of high energy visible (HEV) light. These YouthSpan™ products as well as all of the YouthSpan™ products have the Sirtuin and Telomere technology that promotes cell lifespan which will keep your skin looking younger longer!

Repair: At night while you are resting, your body naturally goes into overdrive to repair itself. Sleep reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, which is responsible for thinning skin, stretch marks, and discoloration. Elysee’s YouthSpan™ Facial Resurrection Night Crème contains GGA which protect against functional stress (dehydration and ineffective barrier function) and structural stress (loss of elasticity, wrinkles, pores, etc.) by helping to repair DNA fragmentation. Elysee’s new Age Defense-AP Stress Relief Serum helps to balance cortisol in the skin helps to activate the release of natural calming neuropeptides in the skin.  And, last but not least, Elysee’s Face Appeal Skin Resurfacing Complex helps to replenish skin surface components that have become affected over time. This luxurious cream is an enzyme alternative to harsh AHAs and promotes natural exfoliationg and sloughing of dead, keratinized skin.  A complex of proteins, amino acids, and oligopeptides optimize the skin’s own natural exfoliation process thereby, leading to a more radiant, smooth, and younger looking skin.

Another important facet of achieving a glowing complexion is to hydrate on the inside as well as the outside.  Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water; it is the key to keeping your skin looking radiant and smooth. This is especially important in the winter as the environment is very dry and dehydration can happen quickly.

All of these tips and tricks will help you to achieve a healthy, radiant-looking complexion even during the coldest days of winter.

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