Product(s) of the Month: Heritage Collection

As part of our Heritage Collection, these “royal beauty treatment” products have been part of the Elysee line since before 1940, which contain the best that Mother Nature has to offer…botanical oils, essentials oils, royal jelly…ingredients that have withstood the test of time.


Bio-Skin Function Oil (link)

     Elysee’s Bio-Skin Function Oil is a super-rich combination of emollients, amino acids and vitamins to help revitalize dry, dehydrated skin types.  This blend of skin-loving oils contains vitamins A & D, and Royal Jelly.

This luxurious oil helps to optimize the skin’s elasticity and smoothness.   Bio-Skin Function Oil is the ideal product to be used when skin is exposed to harsh, dry climates.  This rich oil emulsion helps to smooth the appearance of skin tone, leaving it soft and hydrated.  The perfect match for a dull, devitalized skin, exposed to harsh environmental aggressors.  Bio-Skin Function Oil helps to slow the look of aging by helping to provide a smoother, more youthful-looking complexion through moisturization.

1 oz., Reg. Retail $30.50, Sale $20.00


Queen of Beauty Night Crème (link)

     The only difference between a plum and a prune is moisture.  Your skin works in much the same way. When it is young and full of moisture, skin looks plump, tender, moist and beautiful.  After the age of 30 or so, moisture slowly begins to dissipate and gradually…very gradually…skin begins to roughen, wrinkle, dry and thirst.

Once available only to the Stars to rejuvenate their tired, dull skins abused by stage makeups, this collection is a must-have for everyone in need of deep hydration.

Elysee’s Queen of Beauty is an extraordinary, rich night cream containing Royal Jelly, nature’s beauty secret; the product is a rich source of vitamins and amino acids.  This “Royal Beauty Treatment” helps to revitalize aging, oil-poor complexions with its rich, lubricating oils.

One of the essential oils contained in Queen of Beauty, Olive Oil, has been used for years as a beauty treatment and is now making a comeback in the beauty industry.  We have used this ingredient in our Heritage Collection since at least 1940.

Not only is Queen of Beauty a skin-beautifying facial cream, it can be used from head-to-toe for softening and moisturizing benefits.  Massage into hands and nails to moisturize and hydrate, as well as to feet, elbows and knees to help soften against dry, dehydrated skin.

1 oz, Reg. Retail $30.00, Sale $20.00


Skin Tight Lifting Fluid (link)

   Skin Tight Lifting Fluid has been favored by Hollywood for decades for its complexion perfecting benefits.

This Fluid is a temporary, invisible (clear-drying) fluid for the face to help immediately tighten and lift the appearance of tired, wrinkled skin, while helping to reduce the harmful drying effects of environmental aggressors. This ‘instant beauty lift,’ in a bottle, helps to optimize skin tonicity and suppleness, and includes Royal Jelly, nature’s beauty secret. Unique skin smoothing agents form a temporary invisible bond which wipes away the visible signs of aging. Also, provides long-term benefits with continued use by helping to optimize the appearance of thin and fragile skin through proper hydration. Your skin will look instantly smoother, wrinkles will temporarily disappear. Benefits:

*ESSENSKIN™: a complimentary source of calcium, taurine and essential amino acids.

*Instant Lift Complex gives an immediate lifting, firming, tightening effect; enhances skin smoothness and radiance.

*Patent-pending technology provides non-whitening temporary instant lift benefits, while offering a uniform and durable matte effect.

*Contains a patented molecular active to instantly and visibly smooth and tighten skin, while providing long-term hydration.

1 oz., Reg. Retail $48.50, Sale $30.00

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