Product of the Month: Time Out-AP Age Defying Moisturizer

Do you have stressed-out skin that seems as though it is beginning to age quickly?

How can you tell? Accelerated skin aging consisting of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dullness and more are warning signs. In addition, an increased sensitivity, may also be a visible warning signs of stressed-out skin. Beginning to age, a key process in our skin, called autophagy, is reduced. This can be referred to as the skin’s own housekeeping process.

Give your skin a time out from the appearance of stress and aging with Elysee’s Time Out-AP Age-Defying Moisturizer.

Time Out-AP Age Defying Moisturizer

Our complex helps to replenish skin by providing topical technology and helps the skin’s own housekeeping process. Thankfully, this delays the appearance of aging on the skin.

Meanwhile, an innovative blend of ingredients help comfort stressed out, reactive skin characteristics. You may experience itchiness, dryness, ruddiness, warmth and tingling. Featuring cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid (HA), it is 5x more powerful than regular HA in promoting moisture balance.  Not to mention, colloidal gold and more, help to appease the skin. This extraordinary cream also contains a marine-based complex derived from blue-green microalgae. Found in Klamath Lake (Oregon) and known for its unique ecosystem and rich in volcanic minerals, micro. As a result, you can enhance your own natural glow.

Over all, provide your skin with the ultimate force against the visible signs of stress-related aging with our Time Out-AP Age-Defying Moisturizer. Reawaken a youthful appearance for yourself! A variety of skin types can use this cream. May be applied to your face and neck.

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