Celebrating 93 Years…

April marks several anniversaries in Elysee’s history.  On April 20th, Elysee will celebrate 41 years of business in Wisconsin. It is also our 15th Anniversary of having our product line featured on HSN (Home Shopping Network). And, the honor for the biggest commemoration goes to Elysee celebrating 93 years in business!

How many cosmetic companies can you name that have been around for 50 years? Okay, how about 25?  In 1923, founder Dr. Elizabeth “Elysee” Blumenthal started Elysee Mfg. Co. and brought it to the States in 1940.  Dr. Blumenthal’s expertise in the skincare field was even sought after by the U.S. Government; and in 1945, she was sent to assist medical doctors in the Pacific to solve the skin problems of their troops. Dr. Blumenthal started the company because she realized people were spending a great deal of money on skincare, but were not getting the results they desired or deserved.

How has one company survived for almost a century of formulating, manufacturing and fulfilling cosmetics?  Our family strives to assure the quality, integrity and innovation of a great skin care company will continue as it did in the beginning, for now and always.  Just as technology has changed over the decades making our lives more efficient, research has expanded into the reasons why we age, and what can be done to extend the look of youth. With ninety-three years of scientific research, we continue today to be visionaries in the introduction of important skincare breakthroughs.

Unlike most cosmetic companies, we formulate, manufacture and test our own products.  We believe in the quality of a product, not quantity, and it is what’s inside the jar (not the jar) that makes the difference. We are fanatical about our products—they are a true labor of love, which has been passed down from generation to generation.  In fact, we only manufacture small batches to insure quality and freshness are delivered from our manufacturing facilities and then on to you.

At Elysee, beauty is our business and a family way of life. We believe for every skin type, there is a beauty solution. It’s been our family’s lifelong goal to provide skin care that will make a difference and products that will rejuvenate the skin, while bringing forth a younger, more radiant you!

We hope you enjoy your journey into Elysee skincare – where science meets beauty!

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