Products of the Month: Clear Effects Collection

Clear Effects™ Pore Purifying Cleanser

A beautiful skin starts with a clean, oil-free canvas. Our Pore Purifying Cleanser is a light liquid featuring natural enzymes which help to dissolve the built up oil. While also targeting the impurities that build up in the pores, this cleanser will provide sebo-balancing benefits.  (An overproduction of sebum causes the pores to dilate. This causes the skin’s surface to become shiny as pore shafts empty and travel to the surface of the skin.)  Our Clear Effects Cleanser helps to balance out skin tone while infusing the skin with antioxidants and firming benefits. Also, features a botanical blend to refresh and revive a dull, oily complexion leaving it feeling soft and refreshed.


8 oz., Reg. Retail $28.50

May Sale $18.50



Clear Effects  Skin Coach Serum

Take control of your complex with our ‘Skin Coach’ Facial Serum, featuring ingredients that recognize the skin’s issues.

Formulated with sebum-activating oil control spheres (aka sebum-seeking missiles), this serum targets oily zones and shine. While targeting oil control, it leaves alone dry areas, where sebum control is not desired. Also, ingredient powerhouses work together to enhance skin radiance, refine skin texture, reduce shine, and optimize skin’s elasticity.

By helping to reduce the build up of skin cells, this blend helps to eliminate the need for abrasive exfoliants.

Sensitive skin can take comfort in a blend of soothing extracts that help to restore a health look and feel.

1 oz., Reg. Retail $39.95

May Sale $29.95



Clear Effects Clarifying Creme

Banish the oil and clarify your complexion with Elysee’s Clear Effects™ Clarifying Crème. We formulated this to help preserve the skin’s moisture balance. In addition, it  regulates oiliness, prevents clogged pores, and fights against the harmful effects of free radical aggressors.

Clear Effects Creme was designed to supply an optimum beauty treatment for all oily and combination skin types, regardless of age. It’s formulation infuses the skin with oxygen and liquid hydrating technologies to provide much needed moisture. We also like to avoid noisturizers that increase oiliness to the skin.

Clear Effects™ Clarifying Crème features a blend of actives specifically created to help retexturize and clarify skin that has become rough and uneven due to previous skin issues.  This gentle and effective crème helps to improve the appearance of skin irritability and diminish enlarged pores while providing skin clarity and a youthful glow!

1 oz., Reg. Retail $28.00

May Price $20.00 



Clear Effects™ Down n’Dirty Mud Masque

Get down n’dirty with our deep cleaning mud masque! Our cooling, aromatic masque absorbs excess oils and draws impurities from the skin with a unique blend of clays. These clays are also known for their excellent refining action on enlarged “pores” and oily areas of the skin.

This weekly beauty treatment also contains Linked Papain, a natural enzyme collected from Papaya Fruit. It’s an alternative to AHA’s without the irritation and great for sensitive skins. Exfoliating enzymes promote gentle exfoliation by digesting dead, keratinized skin which makes large pores less visible (especially on nose and forehead). This clears away dead cells providing a balanced skin environment so your complexion appears smoother and more refined.

But the results don’t stop there! While at work, our Down N’ Dirty Mud masque infuses the skin with a blend of key ingredients to help hydrate, even out skin tone and ruddiness as well as a concentrated formula, which reduces visible pore size and creates a matte finish.

The results…the clarified, vibrant, flawless-looking complexion you’ve dreamed of!

2 oz., Reg. Retail $24.50

May Sale $14.50


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