How to Use Elysee Products in Order

Hey there everyone! My name is Michelle. I am Elysee’s social media girl and I’m also in the customer service department. It has come to my attention that more often than not, a lot of our customers struggle with putting their products in order. Now, a lot of this confusion can come from owning more than one kit. Brochures that we have within individual kits only tell you how to use those specific products in order, not so much how to combine them with other products, brands, etc. I understand where there can be confusion. I wanted to help give you a general list in case we are not the only brand you use, AND give you an itemized list of how to use our brand if it’s the only one you use.


First, let’s start with something general. If you use Elysee Cosmetics in addition to another brand, below is a list of skin care regime points and tips.

  1. Start with your Cleansers, or washing your face.
  2. Apply Masques/Masks if necessary. Since this is only done 1-2x a week, you don’t have to do too much here other than using them before the rest of your products, but after cleaning your face.
  3. Apply your Toners and Elixirs. If you have more than one, generally it doesn’t matter in what order. Toners and elixirs both tend to be more liquid or watery than other products and your skin is more able to absorb one after another without an issue. Use your personal preference as an influence on the order of application.
  4. Apply your Serums and Gels. This is where consistency will come into play. Often time serums can be pretty thin consistency-wise so use the thinner ones first.
  5. Apply your Creams and Moisturizers. Again consistency will com into play, however if attempting to determine consistency is an issue for you, you can always call and ask us our suggestions.
  6. Apply any Temporary Tighteners/Instant Lift Products you may use, I will list those in order from our company later on.
  7. Apply any Concentrates or Veils. This mostly applies to our brand, but I’m sure other companies have similar products.
  8. APPLY SUNSCREEN. As much as I LOVE that we have an equivalent to SPF 15 in some of our products, or even that other companies do as well, it does NOT take the place of sunscreen. In other words, it is so much better to be safe than sorry later. Your skin will thank you.
  9. Apply any Make Up as desired.

Here a few tips about the information above.

  1. Masques are to be used 1-2 times a week only.
  2. With Cleansers, we normally recommend using an actual cleanser instead of soap and water. Soap helps clean, but often times you can get a lot more benefits out of an actual cleanser (depending on the cleanser, some examples are: removal of deeper debris, brightening the skin, helps even out your skin tone, helps with facial oils, helps with problematic skin blemishes, etc). Plus, soaps can have detergent-like chemicals so it’s best to avoid that all together.
  3. If you do not use a toner/elixir, that is okay! A lot of our cleansers, maybe even other companies’ cleansers, have toner benefits in them so people don’t always need one. That will be your choice.
  4. A lot of people want to make their skin the BEST as quickly as possible, but try to avoid using more than one temporary tightener within the same routine.
  5. If you’re not sure what is a serum and what is a gel for products, just ask. Most products tell you what it is, but there may be one here or there that does not have the word “serum” or “gel” in it’s name.
  6. Creams and Moisturizers are pretty general, and other than consistency, there isn’t much to worry about. SUGGESTION: to use your heavier creams (that are NOT day creams) at night. Overall, what I noticed is lot of customers prefer that because they do not like going out and about with a heaviness feeling on their face.
  7. I said it once and will say it again. APPLY YOUR SUNSCREEN.
  8. Wash your makeup off before going to bed. Makeup itself can clog pores but as long as it’s removed, it shouldn’t cause a problem (especially if you do a skin care routine at night).


Now, for our products, I will give you a list. A LOT of our products can be used AM, PM, or both, but how it is listed below is exactly what order you would apply it in. Then, next to each name, I will tell you if it’s AM, PM, or Both.

Masques (Use a masque only 1-2 times a week)

Face Appeal Skin Resurfacing Complex (AM, PM, or BOTH)

Time Avenger Face Lifting Masque (AM, PM, or BOTH)

YouthSpan A.G.E. control Gel Therapy Masque (AM, PM, or BOTH)

Clear Effects Down’n’Dirty Mud Masque (AM, PM, or BOTH)


Cleansers (You only need to use one of these)

Essential Creme Cleanser (AM, PM, or BOTH)

Perfect Transition Cleanser (AM, PM, or BOTH)

Clear Effect Pore Purifying Cleanser (AM, PM, or BOTH)

Age Defense-AP Skin Revitalizing Cleanser (AM, PM, or BOTH)

LuminAcai Daily Facial Scrub (AM, PM, or BOTH)



Infusion Skin Therapy Facial Elixir (AM, PM, or BOTH)

A-Fluid Skin Toner (AM, PM, or BOTH)

Pink Lemon Toner (AM, PM, or BOTH)



Fountain of Youth Wrinkle-Resist Line Corrector (AM, PM, or BOTH)

Liposomal Serum (AM, PM, or BOTH)

Fountain of Youth Soothing Line Diminshing Gel (AM, PM, or BOTH)

Firmance Pycnogenol Firming Serum (AM, PM, or BOTH)

Clear Effects Sebo-Balancing Serum (AM, PM, or BOTH)

CollaBoost-1,3 Skin Infusion Gel (AM, PM, or BOTH)

YouthSpan Facial Resurrection Serum (AM, PM, or BOTH)

Age Defense-AP Stress Relief Serum (AM, PM, or BOTH)

LuminAcai Radiance and Retexturizing Serum (AM, PM, or BOTH)

Perfect Transition Skin Rejuvenating Serum (AM, PM, or BOTH)

BioAccel-SB Serum (AM, PM, or BOTH)


Eyes (Use 1-3 before Serums/Gels, use 4 and 5 after Creams/Moisturizers)

1) Eternal Youth Eye Serum (AM, PM, or BOTH)

2) Age Defense-AP Eye Contour Gel (AM, PM, or BOTH)

3) The Gift Wrinkle-Control Eye Gelee (AM only)

4) The Gift Wrinkle-Control Eye Creme (PM only)

5) YouthSpan Micro-Firm Eye Repair Cream (AM, PM, or BOTH)



Bio-Skin Function Oil (PM only)



Optim-Ox Conditioning Creme (AM, PM, or BOTH)

LuminAcai Skin Brightening Moisturizer (AM, PM, or BOTH)

Time Out-AP Age Defying Moisturizer (AM, PM, or BOTH)

Fountain of Youth Wrinkle-Intervention Creme  (AM, PM, or BOTH)

YouthSpan Facial Resurrection Creme  (PM only)

YouthSpan Telo-Genesis Day Cream (AM only)

Liposomal Creme (AM, PM, or BOTH)

CollaBoost-1,3 Skin Firming Creme (AM, PM, or BOTH)

Compensatrice 4-in-1 Moisturizers (AM, PM, or BOTH)

Queen of Beauty Night Creme (PM only)


Lips (Use after Creams/Moisturizers)

Perfect Pout Lip Volumizing Creme (AM, PM, or BOTH)


Temporary Tighteners (You only need to use one of these)

Skin Tight Lifting Fluid (AM only)

RejuveDerm Expression Instant Lift Primer (AM only)

Fountain of Youth Flawless Face Lift (AM only)


Additional Products 

YouthSpan Resculpting Concentrate (AM, PM, or BOTH)

Resilience Neck, Decollete, and Bust Line Firmer (AM, PM, or BOTH)

YouthSpan Enviro-Shield Tinted Veil (AM only)


General Tips

  1. You will not need to use all of these products. Everyone’s skin has different concerns, coloration, tone, texture, sensitivities, etc.
  2. There are products for everyone! Whether you are 20 or 80 or are mid or post menopausal. Also, if you have acne, if your skin tends to get irritated through touch. In addition, if you struggle with a cause like rosacea, or even if you really just want to do preventative care.
  3. If you use products from other brands, that’s okay! We can’t tell you EXACTLY where they go because we didn’t make them, but a good guideline to think about is thinnest to thickest consistency. That way, it will absorb into your skin a lot better.
  4. There will be products that have similar effects, but keep in mind that each product has it’s own purpose so if you’re looking for something to help with a concern and you have two products that do so, asking us about which one is best for you is encouraged. However, you can use both if you enjoy the results you get from them.
  5. Body products  such as lotions, body emulsions, body butters, etc. will be more of a thinnest to thickest consistency type of judgement. Consider alternating them daily, weekly or even monthly.


That’s about everything! I am always open to answer any questions I can in the customer service department. You can always give us a call! Even if there’s ever a questions I don’t know, I always ask so I make sure I give you the most correct information possible. If I don’t pick up, I could be away from my desk or on another call so don’t hesitate to leave a message! If email is easier, you can do that too! I usually respond within a business day (we are closed on the weekends).

Customer Service Number: local 608-845-3664       toll free 800-235-9733

Customer Service Email:



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