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Combination Skin Essentials

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Imagine a facial scrub mild enough to use every day that gently exfoliates and deep cleans your skin. Enriched with organic ingredients and antioxidants to help combat daily stresses affecting the skin, our foaming facial scrub is perfect for an immediate improvement in skin’s appearance - a brighter complexion, improved skin clarity, and freshness!


A longtime Elysee Favorite, A-Fluid Skin Cleanser is an alcohol-based de-greasing agent for combination and oily skin types.  This strong astringent is effective in removing surface dirt and oil.  Removal of this oil is the key to maintaining a normal pH balance and reducing the amount of large pores, black heads and whiteheads on the face, or anywhere you have breakouts.


Compensatrice includes innovative moisturizing technology, which promotes harmonization of the skin's hydrous flow (hydration), providing intense moisturization making the skin better equipped to combat external aggressions. Think of this as your "everything" cream….day, night, eye, and throat…all-in-one to deeply moisturize the skin while helping to improve and retain the elasticity of the skin.

Fountain of Youth Soothing Line Diminishing Gel (1 oz) & Firmance™ Pycnogenol® Firming Serum (1 oz)  

Elysee’s Fountain of Youth Soothing Line Diminishing Gel contains a multitude of wrinkle-reduction ingredients for a non-aggressive, non-toxic alternative to botox that helps diminish forehead lines, crow’s feet, and other expression wrinkles. While not as dramatic as the medical procedure, this complex provides fabulous beauty benefits. Formulated in a hyaluronic-acid base, this lightweight gel is for those who want vibrantly smooth, younger-looking skin while diminishing those wrinkles and character lines.

A multi-action complex of antioxidants and botanicals to address the visible signs of aging.  Containing the patented antioxidant, Pycnogenol®, Elysee’s Firmance™ inhibits free-radical formation and further attack of degrading enzymes, resulting in a reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles. These benefits are the basis for helping the skin optimize elasticity and firmness.

Combination Skin Essentials

Combination Skin Essentials

R$ 862,00 R$ 1.095,00