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Full Facial Mini Kit

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CollaBoost-1,3 Skin Firming Creme is a blend of innovative ingredients formulated to optimize collagen and elastin and to visibly improve the youthful volume of skin that has lost its firmness and elasticity. Our proprietary formula combines copper complex, antioxidants, and specific peptides shown to be boosters to help maximize and maintain the skin’s own natural collagen and elastin levels while providing additional matrix support through hydration. 

Elysee's Perfect Pout Lip Volumizing Cream is a powerful cocktail of advanced ingredients specifically formulated to not only hydrate your lips, but with continued use, the natural contour of your lips will appear more defined, and they will appear fuller. 

Our Micro Firm Eye Repair Cream is lightweight and packs a powerful result. Our eyes are one of the first areas to give our age away because the skin around the eyes is one of the thinnest areas on our bodies.  This product is an eye cream that can dramatically reduce the significant signs of aging around our eyes that make us look older, so if you have fine lines, deep wrinkles, hooding, dark circles, puffiness, paper-thin crepe skin, lack of firmness, then this product is for you. 

It was inspired by our customers in the United States.  They wanted an eye cream, eye masque, and eye patches.  After many years of research, we combined the latest breakthrough technology to bring this powerful product with the power of eye cream, eye masque, and eye patch all in one.  So, it restores the natural radiance of youthfulness to your eyes like nothing else I have ever found.

I love testing our products against very expensive products to prove to me that they deliver better results.  I used this eye cream on my left eye and then bought eye patches to use on the other eye - over $100 for three patches, and I needed two sets for my 30-day test.  At the end of the trial, I went into my family and asked them which eye looked better. They all picked my left eye.  I want you to see the difference.  Come in close and look at my left eye. Now, look at my right eye.  It's obvious which product delivers the more powerful results.  I have large eyes and large sockets, and when my bags are packed, I could travel around the world with the bags.  This product has helped me send my bags packing. 

Our YouthSpan Eye Cream is formulated in a shea butter base used for thousands of years as an ideal beauty treatment for dry or aging skin.  We hear how important Omega is for the skin to help hold hydration and optimize the skin's elasticity.  Just as in all our products, Elysee uses a patented water process to restructure the size of the water cluster, penetrate the skin, and then the Nobel Prize Technology of Aquaporins, or water channels the skin can continue to keep the skin hydrated.  We know that if we sit in a tub of water or a swimming pool for a long time, we dehydrate because regular water can't penetrate the skin, and yet we desperately need water in our skin since we had 70% at birth. \n \nWe also have Renovage, an ingredient that helps target our youth-preserving cells to optimize our telomerase enzyme to improve all the visible signs of aging around our eyes.  As I've stated in other products, Telomere Technology won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2009 and is considered the "Holy Grail" of anti-aging.  I can't stress the importance of using this technology if you want to look younger longer.  It's a youth recruit for your skin. \n \n

We've also included Resveratrol, which helps activate the Sirtuins in the skin, thereby extending the skin lifespan and retinoid-like activity.  Resveratrol comes from the vine shoots of grapes, which are collected from January to March—and then dried for a minimum of 6 months.  Clinically proven to provide anti-wrinkle benefits, the Resveratrol we use is at a 95% concentration. When you look at the ingredient deck, you can see these ingredients are at the top of the deck, proving that they will deliver significant results, not dusted for label claims. \n \nIt is also enriched with botanicals and hyaluronic acid to add to the hydration benefits since it holds moisture by 1,000 times its weight. \n \nBut that's not all.  It also contains a patented Caffeine that is 114 times more powerful than regular caffeine to help reduce puffiness.   What does all this mean for you?  This advanced, powerful YouthSpan Micro-Firm Eye Repair Cream helps the skin regain its youthful aspect by minimizing the appearance of crow's feet, improving skin's elasticity, and promoting a more even skin tone and texture, plus fighting those major signs of aging. \n \nThis high-performance, solution-packed eye brightener and time fighter cushions the delicate eye area with soothing moisture and helps to significantly reduce the effects of stress and fatigue around the eye. 

Fight back with a scientific breakthrough formulation, which utilizes a progressive fill and smooth technology to provide you with the beauty benefits of an eye masque, an undereye patch, and a time-released moisturizer in one product. A more youthful, firmer, less wrinkled-looking eye is waiting for you.  Again, it will not happen overnight.  We did not age overnight but give me 28 days, and you'll be seeing younger-looking eyes. 


    • Features topical Sirtuin and Telomere technology, which help maintain properties of young skin.

    • A daily dream cream super-charged with botanicals, caffeine, and age-defying peptides combined for a younger-looking eye area.

    • Luxurious shea butter and hyaluronic acid base help to moisturize and optimize the elasticity of the skin deeply.

  • Minimizes the appearance of crow's feet, optimizes skin elasticity and promotes a more even skin tone.
Directions: Apply a small amount to the entire eye area and gently pat with fingertips to blend. It may be used both morning and evening to hydrate and brighten the eye area deeply. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Full Facial Mini Kit

Full Facial Mini Kit

$64.00 $114.00