in-cosmetics 2015

I’ve had a busy few months!

I attended in-cosmetics where I was chosen as one of ten International Experts to pick the “Most Innovative Ingredient of the Year!” We’ll be bringing this new breakthrough technology in the future!

Since it was the 25th Anniversary of in-cosmetics, they had cosmetic chemists worldwide vote on the most important ingredient to be introduced into cosmetics! Matrixyl won! It is an alternative to retinol delivering results in 2 months, and retinol took 4 months – retinol is irritating and light sensitive. Elysee is one of a handful of companies that has this amazing anti-aging ingredient, and we have it at 10% in Fountain of Youth Gel. It was also shown to reduce the appearance of fine AND deep lines and wrinkles by up to 68%!

I returned home for a few days and then was off to Australia for shows on TVSN. We had a great visit and another presenter said I’m like a drug dealer, “once you try Elysee, you can’t ever be without it!” This made me feel terrific and supports why we’ve been around for over 92 years with many customers still using Elysee fifty years later!

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