On The Road…

Since our HSN Today Special, I’ve been in NY. I’ve had Executive and Board Meetings. We are working on Cosmetic Legislation!! It was funny because two Presidents of major prestigious brands saw me on HSN during the TS and had top executives purchase Elysee!!! What a great compliment!

This week has been the WWD Beauty Summit with leaders in the cosmetic industry discussing trends, etc in the industry! Once again, I had numerous leaders tell me they are on Elysee and how much they love the products! To have experts in the industry choose Elysee reaffirms that we have result-driven products!

We were also asked to be part of the WWD Beauty Bag that was passed out at the end of today’s event!!!

I will be on Dr. Doris Day’s Radio Show on June 18th.

We have three HSN Host Picks on June 12th. I fly back to HSN on an early flight on the 11th. We will be in the midnight hour with Shannon, 4 am hour with Helen and 4 pm with Lynn Murphy! Great Host Picks and amazing values! Then, Saturday morning I’m on first flight home for my grandson, Ryan’s, Graduation Party and then he graduates from high school on Sunday!! Busy, exciting never to be missed events!

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