My Personal Skin Care Regime

A great skin care regime is the first step in perfecting your complexion. This guide allows you to customize your daily regimen based on your personal product preferences. To make it even easier, cut and paste this list into another document, highlight your Elysee favorites, print, and be on your way to visibly turning back the signs of aging! Each category lists the order of products to apply (always lightest to heaviest).


Cleansers/Exfoliants Essential Creme Cleanser

Perfect Transition™ Crème Cleanser

Clear Effects™ Pore Purifying Cleanser

Age Defense-AP Skin Revitalizing Cleanser

LuminAcai™ Daily Facial Scrub

Toner/Elixirs Infusion Skin Therapy Facial Elixir

Pink Lemon Toner

A-Fluid Skin Toner

Serums/Gels Liposomal Serum

Fountain of Youth Soothing Line Diminishing Gel

Firmance™ Pycnogenol®  Firming Serum

Clear Effects™ Sebo-Balancing Serum

CollaBoost-1,3™ Skin Infusion Gel

YouthSpan™ Facial Resurrection Serum

LuminAcai™ Radiance & Retexturizing Facial Serum

Perfect Transition™ Skin Rejuvenating Serum

BioAccel-SB™ Serum

Eyes Eternal Youth Eye Serum

Age Defense-AP Eye Contour Gel

The Gift Wrinkle-Control Eye Gelee

The Gift Wrinkle-Control Eye Crème

YouthSpan™ Micro-Firm Eye Crème

Oils Bio-Skin Function Oil (p.m. only)
Moisturizers Optim-Ox™ Conditioning Crème

LuminAcai™ Skin Brightening Moisturizer

Time Out-AP Age Defying Moisturizer

Fountain of Youth Wrinkle-Intervention Crème

YouthSpan™ Telo-Genesis™ Day Cream

Liposomal Crème

CollaBoost-1,3™ Skin Firming Crème

Compensatrice™ 4-in-1 Moisturizer

Queen of Beauty Night Cream (p.m. only)

Temporary Tighteners

(a.m. only)

Skin Tight Lifting Fluid

RejuveDerm Expression Instant Lift Primer

Fountain of Youth Flawless Face Lift


(1-2x weekly)

Face Appeal Skin Resurfacing Complex

Time Avenger Face Lifting Masque

YouthSpan™ A.G.E. Control Gel Therapy Masque

Clear Effects™ Down N’Dirty Mud Masque

Lips Perfect Pout Lip Volumizing Cream


For further assistance with your daily skincare regimen, please email us at or call us direct at (608) 845-3664 and toll-free at (800) 2-ELYSEE.

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