Product of the Month: CollaBoost-1,3 Skin Infusion Gel

As we age, components of our skin, mainly collagen and elastin, break down…setting the stage for wrinkles, creases, folds, and furrows. This breakdown, accelerated by free radicals stressors in the environment and gravity, also results in the sagging and rough skin associated with old age.

Our formulary contains a two peptide cluster of vegetal protein and tripeptides.  These are stimulators of Collagen III, which is the type of collagen produced by extremely youthful skin.  When you are 50 years old, approximately 90% of your collagen is Collagen I.  When you were 4 years old, approximately 90% of your collagen was Collagen III.  During the aging process, cells gradually lose their ability to product Collagen III through functional impairment.  The complex contained in CollaBoost-1,3 Skin Infusion Gel boosts Collagen III production by almost 300% in 7 days, while it does not affect Collagen I already plentiful in a healthy skin.  It is this breakdown of collagen that leads to the degradation of connective tissue, leading to an aging skin.

Although wrinkles, lines, sagging and uneven skin is one of the natural effects of getting older, it is possible to combat these signs of aging through modern skincare formulations.

Naturally, this is not as dramatic as a medical procedure yet it will provide a more supple canvas through moisturization, which will help alleviate the dreaded lines, creases, folds and furrows leaving your skin looking radiant and younger.

Our multi-ingredient blend helps to inhibit sagging skin and premature signs of aging as a result of oxidative stress and skin degradation.  CollaBoost-1,3 contains a unique algae-based two-in-one skin tightener for instant tightening effects on the skin; and at the same time, it provides a long term effect by helping to increase the moisturization capacity of the skin.  Proper hydration helps to support the skin—like springs in a mattress; thereby, helping us achieve the radiant fullness that it so apparent in youthful skin. Not only will CollaBoost-1,3 Skin Infusion Gel help to provide healthy-looking skin, but it will help to firm the skin, increase elasticity and revitalize aging skins.

Our formulation includes a natural plant derived protein that provides superior anti-oxidant properties against the visible signs of premature aging and contains great moisturizing benefits.

With CollaBoost-1,3 your skin will appear hydrated and healthier-looking. It will restore your skin to a more radiant state by improving the appearance of fine lines, reducing dryness, and smoothing skin texture.


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