Product of the Month: Face Appeal Skin Resurfacing Complex

    As the skin ages, environmental aggressors leave their mark. They cause the appearance of dull, ashen skin, enlarged pores on the face, uneven skin tone and texture. In addition, it greatly diminishes the skin’s moisture retentive capacity.

Face Appeal, 1 oz.

Face Appeal was designed to help replenish skin surface components. Meanwhile, have become affected over time leading to these visible signs of aging. Through a composite of proteins, amino acids and oligopeptides, this unique skin resurfacing complex optimizes the skin’s own exfoliation process. In face, this leads to smoother, more radiant, younger-looking skin. Another benefit is, it also is a gentle way to slough away dead skin cells, polish and brighten a dull complexion.


Benefits of Face Appeal Skin Resurfacing Complex

¨ Contains a proprietary moisturizing blend that helps to lock in moisture to keep skin soft and supple.

¨ An enzyme alternative to Alpha-hydroxy acids.

¨ Great for sensitive skins.

¨ Promotes natural exfoliation and sloughing of dead, keratinized skin.

¨ Helps to optimize the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

¨ Natural derivatives helps produce a mild and gradual exfoliation of the skin.

¨ Utilizes a high energy sonic jet technology that creates ingredient dispersions.

-Has extraordinary skin softening properties giving a superb skin smoothness.

¨ Features an abundance of antioxidants and MMP inhibitors.


Our Face Appeal Resurfacing Complex contains specialized molecules and derivatives that have a gliding effect on the skin. Ultimately, this helps to even out the skin surface and tone. Making this product a great enzyme alternative to Alpha-hydroxyl acids or microdermabrasion. Using these is best to even out your tone without over processing the skin.

Face Appeal also helps to put your best face forward with the inclusion of our proprietary blend of moisturizing ingredients.  Meanwhile, this complex helps to prevent moisture loss with the presence of biomimetic proteins and peptides. Ingredients like these help to keep moisture bound to the skin surface.

Finally, this product is formulated with a high energy sonic jet technology that creates ingredient dispersion. Provide extraordinary skin softening properties and let this product help optimize your skin’s elasticity and skin firmness.


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