Product of the Month: LuminAcai Youth Recovery Body Butter

With Açai, Apt & Darutoside™

Body Butter
LuminAcai Youth Recovery Body Butter

No matter what our age, we’ve all had the desire to improve the appearance of our hands and body.  At one time or another, we all have felt that there was more we could do for our skin. As we age, we experience a loss of hydration and skin firmness. We gain uneven skin tone and uneven texture. The overall look of our skin becomes unrecognizable and the look of youth has been lost.

LuminAcai™ Youth Recovery Body Butter gives your body the boost you’ve been missing. It has an intense moisturizing system featuring natural beauty benefits.

Formulated in a Shea and Cocoa Butter base, our cream will hydrate and soften your dry, dehydrated hands and body. While infusing them with fabulous natural ingredients, we help reduce the visible the signs of aging on our body. This includes signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles, firmness and optimization of elasticity.

The product contains ingredients such as Acai, Darutoside and a patented ingredient, red marine algae.  Together, in this formula, they will help to minimize the appearance of stretch marks. Also, visibly improve and refine the appearance of skin tone and texture.  Your skin will look firmer and the elasticity optimized.  Overall you can expect a younger, more vibrant appearance.

LuminAcai™ Youth Recovery Body Butter is an extraordinary moisturizer perfect for the most delicate of skin types. It helps with a smooth, radiant, baby-soft body, leaving your skin feeling like silk and looking like satin.

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