Product of the Month: YouthSpan A.G.E. Control Gel Therapy Masque

Glycation…a natural process responsible for the binding of sugar molecules with protein fibers in the skin causing the fibers to become stiff and brittle.  This reaction results in signs associated with visible skin aging: loss of elasticity, sagging, wrinkling and UV damage.

Elysee’s A.G.E. Control Gel Therapy Masque brings together ingredients in a never-before seen age-defying complex to help address the consequences of skin glycation in a multitude of ways.  This intensive gel therapy masque acts as a recovery system that provides detoxifying activity against oxidative stress and glycation, while providing a boost of powerful antioxidants, along with other therapeutic elements to revitalize the skin and help protect against the appearance of aging.


♦Features a crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid (HA), with an exceptionally high water-binding capacity for moisturization (5x as powerful as regular HA.) This complex has the ability to entrap actives for sustained delivery into the skin.

♦Contains powerful antioxidant activity; helps to improve skin uniformity and luminosity to provide a younger-looking skin.

♦Fights topical signs of fatigue (under eye circles, dull complexion, drawn features) caused by glycation and glycoxidation.

♦Features the next generation in Telomere Technology; helps to prolong youthful skin lifespan.

♦Smoothes appearance of wrinkles, contours and redensifies the skin.

Formulated with a complex of cross-linked hyaluronic acid combined with an aquatic plant blend, our A.G.E. Control Therapy Masque helps to improve tired, dull and lackluster skin by rehydrating the skin within a short period of time. Containing vitamins, carbohydrates and amino acids to help reinforce skin’s own natural defenses against anti-aging, along with technologically-advanced detoxifying agents, this luxurious beauty treatment gel helps to fight the topical signs of fatigue (under eye circles, dull complexion, drawn features) caused by glycation and glycoxidation, while working to correct the previous damage done to the skin. This masque also helps to optimize the melatonin, an antioxidant, in our skin which is adversely affected by the glycation process.

Your complexion will immediately feel more hydrated, firmed and toned, and instantly appear more youthful and resilient!


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