Product of the Month: Age Defense Stress Relief Serum

Age Defense-AP™ Stress Relief Serum

Accelerated skin aging as well as an increased sensitivity may be the visible warning signs of continually, stressed-out skin.

Stress on the skin can be defined as any external factors such as pollution, smoke, sleep deprivation, UV exposure, etc. Prolonged stress exposure continues to produce cortisol (the stress hormone) in the skin. Results to the production of cortisol can lead to discoloration, ruddiness, and an visibly tired and worn look.

In addition, as the skin ages, autophagy (also referred to as the skin’s own housekeeping process), is reduced.  Just as we need to “dust” our homes to look new, we need to do the same for our skin.  What does this mean? Autophagy helps to rejuvenate the skin by combatting against internal aggressors that can speed up the aging process.

Upon first application, our Stress Relief Serum melts immediately into the skin providing a visible improvement in hydration and smoothness.

It then goes to work helping optimize natural calming peptides in the skin as well as the skin’s antioxidant capacity. This enhances the skin’s ability to better resist damage from oxidative stress.  The skin will appear much more relaxed and rested. The exceptional silky comfort of this innovative serum brings suppleness and softness to the skin while providing a multitude of benefits. Most important benefits are: skin protection against urban pollution; increase in skin firmness, enhanced luminosity and overall skin quality.


  • Helps to balance cortisol (the stress hormone) in the skin leading to a visible improvement in skin tone.
  • Helps provide relief to skin associated with itchiness, warmth, etc. – 40% of the population is believed to have symptoms of sensitive skin – itchy skin, discoloration, warmth, tingling.

Provide your skin with the ultimate force against the signs of stress-related aging with our Age Defense-AP line.

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