Product of the Month: CollaBoost-1,3 Skin Firming Creme

CollaBoost-1,3™ Skin Firming Crème

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CollaBoost Creme

As we age, the skin gradually loses its ability to function as it once did. This creme can help.

Components of our skin, mainly collagen and elastin, break down. Skin starts appearing less smooth and firm than it did in our youth.  Breakdowns are often due to the natural aging process such as UV exposure or extreme temperatures. Keep in mine, enzyme degradation and gravity also play an important part.  Therefore, the skin needs a powerful blend of beauty boosting ingredients to help counteract these negative effects. Signs of negative effects are: sagginess, lines and wrinkles, etc.  Although, the visible signs of aging cannot altogether be avoided, the elements that help optimize skin firmness and elasticity can be enhanced.

Elysee’s CollaBoost-1,3™ Skin Firming Crème is a blend of innovative ingredients formulated to optimize collagen and elastin. Additionally, it helps to visibly improve the youthful volume to skin that has lost its firmness and elasticity. Our proprietary formula combines a copper complex, antioxidants and specific peptides shown to be potent boosters. Using these boosters help maximize and maintain the skin’s own natural collagen and elastin levels.

This formula is enhanced with a powerful moisturizing blend and oligopeptides specifically developed to reduce water loss. Also, such a combination of amino acids, attract and lock in moisture to keep skin soft and supple.

Our crème goes one step further by helping to optimize the skin’s resistance to stress. Multi-level formulas increase skin’s overall resilience & elasticity to improve the appearance of lines & wrinkles.

CollaBoost-1,3 Skin Firming Crème’s ingredients ensure a more lifted appearance, better definition and noticeably firmer skin.


1 oz., Reg. Retail $72.00

September Sale $55.00

*Other sizes available, but not on sale*

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