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LuminAcai™ Radiance & Retexturizing Facial Serum

Capture your skin’s luminosity with daily beauty treatment products that are truly one of a kind. This serum is formulated with state-of-the-art skin brightening ingredients, including  Arbutin, Lumiskin, Darutoside, Kombuchka, and Chromocare. Our LuminAcai™ Serum is a skincare innovation with remarkable benefits for visibly reducing dullness, roughness and uneven skin tones. In addition to Arbutin, we’ve included Japanese Mandarin, African Bearberry, and Mitracarp. Arbutin, along with all the other botanical brighteners, combine to provide you with an extraordinary lotion.

Features & Benefits

  • Chromocare™, An innovative brightening ingredient which significantly improves the appearance of an uneven skin tone.
  • Contains Darutoside, a plant molecule shown in research to help minimize the appearance of scarring. Also, Darutoside helps to visibly improve and refine the appearance of skin tone and texture.
  • Contains Licorice Extract, known for its soothing and emollient properties.
  • Sweet Tea: a non-invasive, more natural way to achieve smoother, more radiant skin. Improves overall skin quality by enhancing skin smoothness, radiance and color.
  • Etioline is extracted from the West African Bearberry plant and Mitracarp, which help brighten skin tone and help diminish the appearance of skin discolorations.
  • Lumiskin: An innovative brightening ingredient which significantly improves the appearance of an uneven complexion. Its effectiveness has been proven by a clinical studies: improvement in overall skin tone and improvement in skin luminosity.
  • Arbutin, a revolutionary skin-brightening ingredient, which acts as an antioxidant to inhibit free radicals. It is up to 10x more stable and effective than the ordinary beta-arbutin. Also, it stands as one of the most powerful complexion-illuminating ingredients available today.

1 oz., Reg. Retail $74.50

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LuminAcai Radiance & Retexturizing Facial Serum, 1 oz.


LuminAcai™ Skin Brightening Moisturizer

Finding a way to avoid stress is crucial to maintaining a state of well-being. Doing so will also help to prevent premature skin aging.  Exposure to skin stressors, such as environmental conditions (extreme heat and cold), lack of sleep and dryness, has the ability to make us look many years older than our chronological age. While visible aging has to do with wrinkles and dehydration, it also deals with chromophores. Chromophores are molecules responsible for skin color and uniformity.

Elysee’s LuminAcai™ Skin Brightening Moisturizer features a combination of age-defying “chaperones” that work together to protect the skin against the visible damage caused by hostile conditions. Extreme heat and cold, stress, and environmental aggressors, are all examples of hostile conditions. Our LuminAcai Moisturizer helps to improve skin uniformity and luminosity resulting in a younger-looking skin tone. Created with the latest skin care advancements to deliver intensive brightening benefits, this powerful, lightweight moisturizer helps to banish uneven skin tone and texture leaving skin feeling hydrated and looking radiant!

Emblica Fruit Extract, a safe and effective skin brightening ingredient, clinically proven to be as effective (if not more so) than other skin brightening ingredients – Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Hydroquinone and Kojic Acid.  Clinical proven to reduce the appearance of UV-induced skin damage.

Broad-spectrum antioxidant activity, age-defying benefits and an effective skin brightening agent.

Chromocare: Ageing has to do with wrinkles and dehydration but also with chromophores,  a part of a molecule responsible for colour. Chromocare is effective against oxidative stress and helps to address collagen, melanin, and haemoglobin.

1 oz., Reg. Retail $49.95

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