Product(s) of the Month: LuminAcai Skin Brightening Moisturizer and YouthSpan ‘Ageless Hands’

Finding a way to avoid stress is crucial to maintaining a state of well-being. Also, helping to prevent premature skin aging is important, too.  Exposure to skin stressors, such as environmental conditions, lack of sleep, and dryness, has the ability to make us look many years older than our chronological age. Visible aging has to do with wrinkles and dehydration. It also deals with chromophores, molecules responsible for skin color & uniformity.


LuminAcai Skin Brightening Moisturizer

   LuminAcai Moisturizer Picture

Elysee’s LuminAcai™ Skin Brightening Moisturizer features a combination of age-defying “chaperones” that work together to protect the skin against the visible damage caused by hostile conditions.

Examples would be extreme heat and cold, stress, environmental aggressors. In addition, this helps to improve skin uniformity and luminosity resulting in a younger-looking skin tone   Created with the latest skin care advancements to deliver intensive brightening benefits, this powerful, lightweight moisturizer helps to banish uneven skin tone and texture. This leaves the skin feeling hydrated and looking radiant!

¨ Emblica Fruit Extract is clinically proven to be as effective (if not more so) than other skin brightening ingredients. Tests show it is a safe and effective skin brightening ingredient. (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Hydroquinone and Kojic Acid).  It is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of UV-induced skin damage.

¨ Broad-spectrum antioxidant activity, age-defying benefits and an effective skin brightening agent.

¨  Chromocare: Ageing has a lot to do with wrinkles and dehydration. Ageing also is affected by chromophores,  a part of a molecule responsible for colour. Chromocare is effective against oxidative stress and helps to address collagen, melanin, and haemoglobin



YouthSpan™ ‘Ageless Hands’  Restorative Hand Plumping Crème

Hand Plumping Creme Picture

Often people say that the hands show the body’s first signs of aging. Now, you don’t have to reveal your true age with our luxurious cream. ‘Ageless Hands’ literally melts into the hands to help rejuvenate and transform that aging look into youthful hands you’ll be proud to show.

‘Ageless Hands’ is a complete anti-aging beauty treatment formulated to help counteract skin concerns that are unique to the hands such as thinning skin, excessive dryness, loss of plumpness, fine lines, harsh environmental factors and uneven skin tone.

When customers buy this transformational hand crème, they notice it delivers targeted intervention to combat loss of elasticity by helping to restore the density through hydration and a lipo-filling-like action. Then a new innovative ingredient complex helps to fight against oxidative stress. Oxidative stres is a major cause of chromophore aging and skin damage. (collagen degradation, uneven skin tone, etc.).

Rich in antioxidants, Sirtuins and Telomeres Technology, our YouthSpan Hand Plumping Crème truly helps to extend the look of youth on your hands!   With this replenishing hand makeover, skin will appear firmer, fuller, and smoother. You will also notice an appearance with more even skin tone and texture.


Add more life to your skin with both of these products with their amazing anti-aging benefits.


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