Products of the Month: Optim-Ox Line

OXYGEN: Our skin, similar to all living things, needs oxygen to stay radiant. Scientific studies have shown that oxygen concentration in the skin decreases over time. In that case, it can decrease by as much as 70% as early as our 30’s. Normally, the skin renews itself every 28 days, however, as people age, their renewal process is slowed down.  The results: premature aging, fine lines/wrinkles, and a lack of skin activity.  To maintain youthful, healthy-looking skin, we bring to you Elysee’s Optim-Ox line of beauty products. They help boost the skin’s oxygen level. In addition, they enhance the skin’s ability to fight the aging process.



Conditioning Crème

Elysee’s Optim-Ox™ Crème is a light crème formulation. Formulations like this have a combination that consists of of micro-encapsulated oxygen, with Tissue Repair Factor. In detail, such ingredients are made in our specialized structured water, trace minerals and hyaluronic acid base. Helping to renew the skin, improve elasticity and optimize collagen and elastin. It helps boost your skin’s moisture levels and enhance the skin’s ability to fight the aging process.

Benefits: First, it restores tone and hydration. Second, detoxifies and gives skin a youthful glow. Third, it provides a continuous improvement of hydration. And finally, it improves water reserves and limits water loss. As a result, your skin can combat external aggressers.

1 oz., Reg. Retail $124.95

January 2018 Sale $59.95


Optim-Ox™ Ultra Hydrating

Restorative Body Lotion

Elysee’s Optim-Ox™ Body Lotion is formulated with a unique blend of ingredients. If such ingredients provide you with facial-quality skin care then we can fight the appearance of aging on our bodies.  Our unique skin-softening complex helps to provide healthy-looking skin. Also, it dramatically helps to make the best of your skin’s elasticity and suppleness. Optim-Ox Body Lotion also helps provide continuous hydration.

Our vitamin-enriched formula is packed with vitamins A, C, E, and CoQ10. For the purpose of fighting free radicals, vitamins are important. Free radicals are a major cause of looking older than you should. In fact, to give that soft, hydrated, luxurious feel, we’ve also included Shea Butter.

All in all, both products are ideal for use in all environments and all skin types. Will provide effective results for dry skin after just one application.

Give your skin a daily pampering of Optim-OX…for a refreshing, uplifting and positive experience.

8 oz., Reg. Retail $38.50,

January 2018 Sale $25.00






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