Skin Care Basics

One question we get asked quite a lot is – “what is a good, basic skin care regimen”?  A great skin care regimen is the first step in perfecting your complexion and should consist of the following items:

  • Cleanser
    • Beautiful, healthy-looking skin begins with a proper cleansing.  A gentle cleanser helps to rid your skin of traces of dirt, makeup and oil.  Always avoid pulling or abrasively scrubbing your skin.  After cleansing, you may choose to follow with a toner, but it is not necessary, as our cleansers are formulated with these properties.
  • Serum
    • Apply your facial serums and gels, starting from lightest to heaviest, and allow each one to soak in prior to applying the next.*  Serums are more concentrated than other products, so they should be applied on clean skin.
      • *You may apply Elysee serums separately (in layers) or “cocktail” together by mixing 1-2 drops of each serum in the palm of your hand and applying at once.  Only “cocktail” serums of the same consistency, such as the gel consistency serums (Fountain of Youth Line Diminishing Gel & Firmance™ Pycnogenol® Serum) or the creamier serums (YouthSpan™ Facial Resurrection Serum and LuminAcai™ Serum).
  • Eye
    • Following your serums, apply your eye product to your entire eye area – this includes the upper lid and lower eye area.  Gently apply a small amount using your ring finger to prevent pulling of the delicate area around the eye.
  • Moisturizer (Face & Lip)
    • To seal everything in, apply your moisturizer to the entire face, and neck area, if desired.
      • Many of the Elysee moisturizers & cremes that can be used during the day contain a broad-spectrum sun protectant in the form of Titanium Dioxide or Parsol 1789 (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) to help protect against UV damage on your skin.
  • Temporary Tighteners (a.m. only)
    • Apply following moisturizer and prior to makeup.  These gems in a bottle provide four effective products in one – 1)  instant lift to help immediately tighten and lift the appearance of tired, wrinkled skin; 2)  skin smoothing to give the appearance of flawless skin while contouring skin and minimizing the look of enlarged pores; 3)  primer that provides a long-lasting makeup application; and 4)  special treatment benefits with the inclusion of anti-aging peptides, botanicals and more.
  • Masque (1-2x weekly)
    • Masques are highly effective, targeted troubleshooters and a vital part of everyone’s skin care regimen.  The benefits vary with each formulation, allowing skin to be purified, rejuvenated, resurfaced and deeply hydrated, among others.  These powerful products provide an all-around solution for all skin types and can take years off age-afflicted skin.

RULE OF APPLICATION:  The main rule of application for skincare products is to always apply from light to heavy.  Usually, gels and serums are water-based formulations while creams are heavier and most often oil-based.  Heavier products won’t have a problem penetrating light formulations; however, light formulations will have a hard time reaching the skin if applied on top of creams.

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