Something About Coffee…

I scream, you scream, we all scream for coffee!  There is something about the delightful beverage that gets our wheels turning, literally!  The United States is the leading consumer of coffee in the world. Statistics say on average about 400 million cups of coffee are consumed per day, which is the equivalent of 146 billion cups a year making caffeine the most commonly consumed psychoactive substance in the world.  I guess it’s safe to say we’re addicted. Anyway, the coffee plant was discovered sometime in the 11th century in Ethiopia. Back then, the leaves of the so called “magical fruit” were boiled and the remaining substance, coffee, was said to have medical benefits. Turns out they were onto something! Coffee is actually loaded with a ton of nutrients.  In an average cup of joe, there is about 1% riboflavin and 6% pantothenic acid as well as 3% manganese and 3% potassium.

It’s safe to assume that coffee can improve our energy levels; I’m sure that’s why a lot of us drink coffee, to stay awake. Did you know that caffeine in skincare products have a significant benefit as well?  Elysee’s YouthSpan™ Micro-Firm Eye Repair Cream contains Micropatch Caffeine and botanicals that significantly reduce the effects of stress and fatigue around the eyes.

Micropatch™ Caffeine is a molecular patch made of acacia and alginate that contains an extensive amount of caffeine. When applied to the skin, this patch technology works as a “second skin” reservoir, progressively releasing caffeine into the skin for intense and long-lasting action to address puffiness and other issues around the eyes.   Caffeine is an alkaloid found in coffee, tea, and kola nut and is a key energizing and anti-tiredness ingredient that is renowned for its stimulating properties. Micropatch™ Caffeine features the benefits of this energizing ingredient and combines it with new technology that provides the benefits of an eye contour patch for time-released benefits throughout the day…and night.

Micropatch™ Caffeine is the most bioavailable form of caffeine.  Unlike the free form of caffeine used in typical skin/body products, innovative Micropatch™ Caffeine sets a new standard and outperforms standard caffeine by 68 percent, to penetrate deeper and dissolve lymphatic buildup significantly revealing smoother, firmer skin.

Studies have shown Micropatch Caffeine persists in the skin at a rate 114 percent greater than the caffeine found in common products, so its properties are retained to achieve a clearly visible improvement around the eye area.

So, when it comes to caffeine, I guess we’ve got the right idea.

Many studies have been completed on coffee including one conducted by The Harvard School of Public Health (released April/2014) demonstrating the positive effects caffeine has on a number of diseases including Alzheimer’s, Type II Diabetes and Dementia.

Coffee beans contain disease-ravaging antioxidants called quinines which become more potent after roasting. Quinines along with magnesium, also found naturally in coffee.

Did you know that coffee can also make you happier? According to a study done by the Harvard School of Public Health, researchers found that the risk of depression was 50% less likely in adults who drink 2 to 4 cups of coffee per day compared to those who drank decaf, very little, or no coffee. The caffeine has been shown to optimize the production of the “happy hormones” which contributes to the explanation of why coffee lowers the risk of depression.

So, to my fellow coffee drinkers, pour it in and pour it on for all around benefits…CHEERS!

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