Spring & Summertime Skin

Winter is over, which means we are shedding our sweaters and jeans for sleeveless tops and shorts. With warm weather approaching, we are looking forward to enjoying the outdoors, but the thought of showing more skin can be a drag! The dimpling, sagging skin along with wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture can have us running for cover before summer even starts.

Elysee to the rescue!  Our YouthSpan™ Body Re-Defining Serum and YouthSpan™ Body Contouring Crème provide you with innovative breakthroughs in anti-aging to transform the skin on your body back to a youthful-looking appearance!   Both products feature Telomere Technology, which helps to delay the visible signs of aging while encouraging cells to act as young cells promoting smoother, tighter, more youthful-looking skin. These products also contain a powerful antioxidant technology as well activated by heat and light that helps protect against environmental aggressors like extreme heat. So, with the warmer weather upon us, this power packed duo helps amp up antioxidant protection!

In the winter, skin tends to be dry and in need of hydration. Elysee’s YouthSpan™ Body Re-Defining Serum features an aquatic plant extract harvested from tropical waters. The light, silky barrier helps to instantly lock in hydration leaving skin feeling moist and refreshed. LIPOCARE™ and BODYFIT™* are two key ingredients in the YouthSpan™ Body Re-Defining Serum that will work together to combat the appearance of uneven skin texture, the dimpling found on arms and legs, and  sagging.

The YouthSpan™ Body Contouring Crème provides spread-ability for even, long-lasting coverage while helping to smooth the look of lines and wrinkles on the body for the appearance of velvety soft, smooth, and supple skin. The luxurious crème enriched with shea and cocoa butters takes anti-aging on the body one step further with fabulous ingredients such as Unislim™* and Silusyne™**, and others which have been shown to help reduce the visible signs of aging on our body, and an visible improvement and refining of the appearance of skin tone and texture.

With the sun shining bright, you will be in the mood to put on your favorite sundress or tank top with the addition of this body firming duo!  Give your body the boost you’ve been missing with an intense moisturizing system featuring age-defying benefits.

*BodyFit™, Lipocare™  and Unislim™*  are trademarks of Sederma, Inc. **Silusyne™ is a trademark  of  Lipotec  SA.

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