Products of the Month: Clear Effects Collection

Oily/Problematic Skin Areas

Clear Effects™ Pore Purifying Cleanser A beautiful skin starts with a clean, oil-free canvas. Our Pore Purifying Cleanser is a light liquid featuring natural enzymes which help to dissolve the built up oil. While also targeting the impurities that build up in the pores, this cleanser will provide sebo-balancing benefits.  (An overproduction of sebum causes the …

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How to Use Elysee Products in Order

Hey there everyone! My name is Michelle. I am Elysee’s social media girl and I’m also in the customer service department. It has come to my attention that more often than not, a lot of our customers struggle with putting their products in order. Now, a lot of this confusion can come from owning more …

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Products of the Month: Optim-Ox Line

OXYGEN: Our skin, similar to all living things, needs oxygen to stay radiant. Scientific studies have shown that oxygen concentration in the skin decreases over time. In that case, it can decrease by as much as 70% as early as our 30’s. Normally, the skin renews itself every 28 days, however, as people age, their …

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Product of the Month: Fountain of Youth Wrinkle-Resist Line Corrector

Fountain of Youth Wrinkle Resist Line Corrector Addresses Lines & Crow’s Feet To start with, expression lines are one of the most difficult signs of aging to conquer. In addition, Glabellar lines (between the brows) tend to give others the impression we are upset or mad. Crow’s feet tends to be the result of smiling or …

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