Products of the Month: Optim-Ox Line

OXYGEN: Our skin, similar to all living things, needs oxygen to stay radiant. Scientific studies have shown that oxygen concentration in the skin decreases over time. In that case, it can decrease by as much as 70% as early as our 30’s. Normally, the skin renews itself every 28 days, however, as people age, their …

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Product of the Month: CollaBoost-1,3 Body Firming Emulsion

Body Firming Emulsion

A big issue people have is the appearance of dimples and crepey, paper-thin skin. It’s important to use an intensive topical beauty treatment product.  Then, we can combat these visible signs of aging on our body seems like second nature. In reality, however, our face receives the most attention. As a result, the skin on …

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Product of the Month: Face Appeal Skin Resurfacing Complex

    As the skin ages, environmental aggressors leave their mark. They cause the appearance of dull, ashen skin, enlarged pores on the face, uneven skin tone and texture. In addition, it greatly diminishes the skin’s moisture retentive capacity. Face Appeal was designed to help replenish skin surface components. Meanwhile, have become affected over time leading …

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