The Correct Way to Apply a Facial Masque

Face masques are a very important part of facial skin health. They not only clean deep into pores for radiant glowing skin, but they allow for a little bit of relaxation time. To get the best out of your face masques, follow these helpful steps:

  1. Prepare and clean your skin with a gentle cleanser. Removing dead skin cells and opening up pores is a very important part that will help the masque be more effective.
  • Our LuminAcai Daily Facial Scrub contains exfoliating properties in the form of acai and guarana pulp that will gently lift away dirt and makeup without stripping your skin of its natural oils. This cleanser is gentle enough to be used daily.
  1. When you’ve finished washing, steam your face with a hot wet cloth to open up your pores.
  2. Now, it’s time to apply the masque. It is important to read through the directions, because not all masques will be used the same way.
  • It is also a general rule of thumb that when applying a masque, you do not apply the masque to your eyelids. Apply gently around the orbital area – think of it like giving yourself “raccoon eyes.” The skin around your eyes is very sensitive.
  • Additionally, if you do not have a masque application brush, wash your hands before applying the masque so you are always starting with a clean canvas from hands to face.
  • We have several masques for all different skin types that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed:
    • Mimosa Masque: This cooling masque is for all skin types. Its combination of cooling ingredients such as menthol and peppermint extract help to remove dirt, and leave you feeling cool and tingly.
    • Clear Effects Down N’ Dirty Mud Masque: This masque is for combination/oily skin types. Its mixture of clay allows for maximum oil absorption and the cooling effect will leave you feeling refreshed.
    • Time Avenger Face Lifting Masque: This masque is for all skin types. Working on an isometric basis, this masque really is like getting a face lift in a jar. It helps to tighten the appearance of the skin leaving you with a visibly lifted and glowing face.
    • Youthspan A.G.E. Control Therapy Masque: This gel masque, for all skin types, is packed with nutrients to help fight glycation thereby helping you reverse the effects of aging. The masque uses your skin’s own defenses to help you gain a healthy complexion.
  1. Every masque will have a different amount of time to leave it on, so it is important that you read the directions so you can receive the optimal benefits from any masque you use.
  2. It is also important to follow the removal guidelines listed on the instructions for each product. While some simply may be removed using a warm, wet washcloth, others such as Time Avenger Masque, must be loosened and then removed with cleanser prior to sitting up.
  3. Be sure to follow your masque rest and relaxation period with your favorite Elysee skincare regimen!
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