The Damaging Effects of High Sugar Consumption on Skin

Most of you have heard about how sugar is damaging to the body, but did you know that sugar can speed up the aging process as well? In addition to causing diabetes, organ inflammation and other harmful conditions, sugar decreases the strength and elasticity of your skin.

Collagen is what gives the skin its youthful appearance and elasticity. There are three types of collagen in the skin: Type I (the weakest), Type II and Type III (the strongest). When we consume sugar, our body goes through a process called glycation. Glycation is a natural process responsible for the binding of sugar molecules with protein fibers in the skin causing the fibers to become stiff and brittle. The process transforms your Type III strong, stable collagen into the more fragile Type I collagen.  This reaction results in signs associated with visible skin aging: loss of elasticity, sagging, and wrinkles.

It has also been shown that these glycation allow your skin to become more susceptible to sun damage. Scientists have found that antioxidants protect against sun damage, but glycation deactivates our body’s natural antioxidant enzymes, leaving us vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays and sun damage is one of the leading causes of skin brittleness and wrinkles.

It is so important to understand that sugar wreaks havoc on the body and should be consumed sparingly. It affects all of your organs, including your largest organ, your skin. It is important to look out for, and limit the amount of sugar you consume; staying away from highly processed, high fructose foods, but also looking for hidden sugar in the food you eat.

YouthSpan  A.G.E Control Gel Therapy Masque is an Elysée’s must-have product to help you in your fight against glycation. Elysee’s A.G.E. Control Gel Therapy Masque brings together ingredients in a never-before seen age-defying complex to help address the consequences of skin glycation in a multitude of ways.  This intensive gel therapy masque acts as a recovery system that provides detoxifying activity against oxidative stress and glycation, while providing a boost of powerful antioxidants, along with other therapeutic elements to revitalize the skin and help protect against the appearance of aging.

Here at Elysée, we want you to have the most beautiful skin you can. Treating your body well on the outside as well as the inside is the best way to ensure a healthy, younger looking you.



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