The Science Behind The Spheres…What Skin Type Are You?

Have you ever wondered what the colored spheres on the front of every Elysee skin and body care product mean? It’s a simple system devised to help you know if a product is right for you…at a glance!

A beautiful skin begins with knowledge. There are different types of skin; and as we age, the skin seems to become a bit more complicated.  Not only do hormones or health issues affect the way our skin behaves, but throw in external factors such as the environment, air conditioning and heaters, and some of us don’t know which way is up!  Trust me, I personally know the frustration of trying to find a happy balance – one day, my skin would seem oily and the next it had gone bone dry.  Thank goodness for Elysee!

To determine your skin type, review the following color sphere categories:

ELYSEE YELLOW DOT PNG  NORMAL:  Normal skin does not show an abundance of oil nor does it appear dehydrated or sensitive. Pores are almost non-existent and the overall skin is pretty ideal.

bludot  OILY/COMBO:  Face and/or t-zone appears oily shortly after cleansing. Skin may feel drier on the cheeks. Enlarged pores are usually a sign of an oily/combination skin type.

purple dot   DRY/DEHYDRATED: Skin feels and appears dry and tight. Dry skin is the result of a lack of oil, while dehydrated skin is the result of a lack of water.

greendot  MATURE: For those 45+ experiencing hormonal imbalances showing on face. Skin tends to appear thinner and drier. Skin may feel immediately dehydrated after applying  product.

Once you determine your color sphere, match it up with the products recommended for your particular skin type to be on your way to achieving the results you desire!

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