What Is Autophagy?

Autophagy is the key process by which cellular waste is removed or recycled.  In general terms, Autophagy is the skin’s “housekeeping” process.  Just like we need to dust our homes to keep things looking clean and like new, we need to do the same with our skin to help delay the aging process.

Autophagy helps to detoxify/purify the skin and rejuvenate it by turning junk proteins that speed up the aging process into amino acids and other key items that the skin recognizes and is needed for the skin to remain healthy and younger-looking longer. This unique process helps reduce the visible signs of aging often referred to as senescence, and delaying the appearance of that skin aging by decades.

Our new product line, Age Defense-AP, will help to significantly combat the signs of skin aging by giving the skin a firmer, more rejuvenated appearance.

In addition, we’ve specifically formulated the entire line for sensitive skin with ingredients rich in polyphenols for skin protecting, anti-redness and calming benefits; hydroxybenzoic compounds of ayurvedic origin for reduction of skin’s sensibility and irritability, as well as peptides specifically formulated for improvement of the visible signs of sensitive skin.


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